About Us


Founded in 1961 by Vic Honermann, Quality Wood & Metal Designs has a long history of creative innovation and exceptional service. Though we have grown and evolved over the years, our commitment to providing quality, custom-made products has never faltered.

We are still a family-owned company—Vic’s son, Mike, took over the business in the 1980’s and currently runs it with his wife, Jo Ann. Our business focuses on creating high-quality custom wood and metal solutions for retail stores, helping customers bring their ideas to life through design and manufacturing, finding innovative solutions for the problems our customers face, as well as inventing our own custom products.

Based out of Mitchell, SD, we embody the Midwestern ethics of service, hard work, good value, and dependability.

We’ve worked with numerous companies from small homegrown shops to large, industry-leading, multinational corporations to create innovative, and attractive, solutions to their problems.

We invest deeply in our relationships with our customers and always aim to exceed expectations both on time and budget. No problem is too big or too small for our team of expert designers and wood and metal craftsmen!