Gun Warden™

Gun Warden Firearm™ Anti-Theft System is a simple, innovative gun display solution allows you to secure your firearms in a way that doesn’t damage the inventory, while maintaining a classic horizontal merchandising display. Our system works within existing slotted upright systems like Lozier, Maddix, Streeter or we have our own knockdown, easy to install system. The Gun Warden Horizontal Display is fully adjustable to accommodate any barrel length, pistol grip size, scopes and everything in-between, and once it is set it locks in to prevent theft. 

The horizontal system we can get 20 guns in a 4ft x 6ft section. We also have an optional glass case showcase with lights. This system allows the customer to see all the firearms and has a number of sign options.


We understand that gun sales and safety are at the forefront of your business and we want to help! 

With our Gun Sliders, you can get an unprecedented number of guns in a very small footprint, with easy slide out access. Pair that with our Gun Warden system in either a horizontal or vertical presentation you have your firearms secure without sacrificing customer experience.

Our QWD Gun Sliders are also fully adjustable for barrel length. This system can be paired with our Horizontal Gun Warden Display utilized the same modular slotted upright systems.

Our Gun Slider system comes in locking and non-locking, in a 4ft x 8ft section we can hold 50 guns. This system gets your inventory onto the selling floor and presents an impressive and clean display.


Strength Test!

Gun Warden Horizontal Demonstration

Vertical Presentation